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Ship Management,
A2B-online's shipping company

In 2019, A2B-online started its own shipping company, A2B-online Ship Management. Our driving force: provide our customers with high-quality service using our own vessels, ensuring a reliable sailing schedule while reducing dependence on developments in the (charter) market. Over time, the shipping company has become an essential part of our services. Are you interested in learning more about what our shipping company does and manages? And in our team, fleet and vacancies?

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Ger Quist, Managing Director, A2B-online Ship Management BV

”We stand for a modern shipping company where our colleague seafarers are heard and feel at home.”

Scheduled services
Continent - United Kingdom

We deploy our vessels on scheduled services between Moerdijk and Rotterdam Botlek to ports in the United Kingdom (Thamesport, Immingham, Teesport, Blyth). We transport cargo for our customers using our approx. 2400 own 45ft. containers. Additionally, we also handle the shipment of ‘shippers owned containers’ for our clients.


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About our vessels

We operate with a fleet of 7 ‘sister ships’ built in Hamburg, Germany, between 1995 and 1999 at the Sietas shipyard. These vessels have earned a reputation as the Mercedes of shortsea feeder ships and have been faithfully serving us since then. The designer had a forward-thinking vision for the design, enabling the ships to accommodate modern-sized containers (up to 2.60 meters wide and 45 feet long). Additionally, the ships are relatively fuel-efficient, considering their service speed of 14 knots.





QHSE stands for ”Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment’. In practice, this means working safely according to many international regulations. It encompasses not only the safety of our employees but also the quality of our services.

The procurement process


Our shipping company takes care of the procurement for the vessels, ranging from nautical charts to crew provisions, necessary machinery parts, paint, mooring ropes and more. In addition to these ‘daily’ purchases, our procurement department also maintains relationships with all suppliers, where Karin is responsible for third-party contracts.

Technical management


The shipping company has its own technical department that takes care of the overall maintenance of all the ships.

Crew affairs


We are constantly seeking seafarers for our vessels, and our crew comes from all corners of the globe. The personnel department of Ship Management takes care of contracting the crew, arranging their flights, ensuring they have all the necessary medical examinations, training documentation, professional qualifications and certificates.

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Marine & Crewing Manager

Arthur Groeneweg

“Often, I juggle multiple responsibilities in different locations. One day, I’m busy arranging certificates to ensure the ship sails according to schedule, and the next day, I’m back in Moerdijk, handling crew arrangements. It’s quite a challenge, but every time it succeeds, the sense of fulfillment is immense!”

Technical Manager

Remko van der knaap

“Working together with colleagues on board to dry dock a vessel, ensuring it receives proper maintenance and can be deployed for our customers—this is what makes my job so enjoyable and thrilling! Oh, and when the ships set sail again, they proudly wear a new beautiful orange coating!”

Purchase Manager

Karin Jacobs

“Managing the procurement for 7 vessels and their crews is an incredibly enjoyable and diverse job, never boring. Working alongside the technical inspectors, I ensure that the ships keep sailing by procuring technical parts, consumables, lubricants, provisions, and workwear, as well as taking care of any other necessary arrangements. In short, there’s never a dull moment, but that’s exactly what I love!”

Crewing Officer

Maroesjka van Ree

“At A2B-online, we take good care of our crew. We offer a relatively short and flexible sailing leave policy, fixed monthly wages and favorable (company-specific) agreements in addition to the VWH Collective Labor Agreement. You’ll often find me on board as I believe in maintaining close and personal contact to keep communication lines short!”

Ruud Nijland, 2nd engineer

”I find joy in a job that presents technical challenges in an environment that feels like home!”


Are you a client of ours, a supplier, or a seafarer? And would you like to know more about working at Ship Management? Please feel free to call or email us; we are here to help you!



Phone: +31 88 2015 400

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Technical department



QHSE / Marine