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Our Trailer Services

Do you want to transport your cargo by trailer between the Continent and the The United Kingdom? And would you like to collaborate with a professional transport company that ensures your transportation with a highly reliable service, completely based on our own equipment and personnel, handling everything from A to Z for you? Learn more about A2B-online’s Trailer Services!

2 Shortsea Trailer Services

A2B-online offers you the flexible service you are looking for, with over 500 of our own curtain-sided Code XL trailers. From our locations in the Netherlands (Hazerswoude-Dorp) and the United Kingdom (Ipswich), we handle your trailer transport. We collect, transport, and deliver loads from door to door for both full truckload (FTL) shipments and less-than-truckload (LTL) consignments. For these trailer services, we make use of over 500 trailers and 200 tractors from various strategically located depots, all operated by our own drivers.

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Full-load Trailer Services (FTL)

A2B-online takes care of your trailer transport from door to door for full-loads

Partload Trailer Services (LTL)

A2B-online takes care of your trailer transport from door to door for partloads



Sailing routes and destinations

A2B-online is pleased to assist you with both export and import services. We arrange trailer transport between the Benelux, Germany, and France to the United Kingdom, and vice versa. We are capable of providing you with short lead times. From the continent, we offer daily departures between the Netherlands and England: once daily between Vlaardingen and Immingham, and three times daily between Vlaardingen and Felixstowe and vice versa.

Benefits of trailer transport with A2B-online

Fast and easy online booking


With A2B-online, you can quickly and easily book your shipments online. Through your own account and electronic data connection, you have the capability to track your cargo. Our automated systems provide you with maximum visibility, efficient communication, quicker response times, and cost reduction.

Competitive pricing


A2B-online offers competitive pricing due to our cost-saving online approach.

Personal relationship with our professionals


You have a dedicated contact person throughout all layers of our organization.

Assistance with customs formalities


At A2B-online, we provide you with peace of mind by offering assistance with customs formalities. We have the capabilities to handle all necessary customs activities, such as customs clearance upon arrival in the United Kingdom or obtaining export documents on the continent. These services are carried out by our own staff and at a competitive market rate.

Quality and stability


Since its establishment in 2006, A2B-online has been committed to delivering the highest level of quality and consistently excellent services.


Kinds of cargo

What kind of cargo do we transport in our trailers? Our trailers transport a wide range of different products. For example, we transport:


  • Paper and packaging materials
  • Electronics
  • Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
  • Pet supplies and necessities
  • Building materials
  • Plants, garden items and agricultural products
  • Recyclables (including RDF & SRF)


What can we transport for you?

Our service

  • Offering daily departures
  • Utilizing our own equipment (500 trailers) with in-house maintenance
  • Continual focus on the development of our personnel
  • Close collaboration with suppliers who support our strategy
  • Maintaining organizational flexibility to reduce dependence on market fluctuations and enable faster response times
  • Providing personal attention to our customers, including you!

Marco Broekhuizen, Supervisor Transport & Operations

"Our strength is absolutely our flexibility! Thinking in solutions and possibilities; that's in the DNA of A2B-online"

May we help you?

  • Nature of your cargo
  • Cargo with special dimensions or fragile loads
  • Booking method / system used
  • Full-load (FTL) or Partload (LTL) shipment
  • Loading / unloading locations and efficiency
  • Flexibility of loading times
  • Flexibility of unloading times for your customer
  • Payment terms
  • KPI reporting requirements
  • Track & Trace readiness
  • Possibility of E-invoicing

About the Mobility Package

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Mobility Package price increases

Since January 2021, following Brexit and the implementation of measures within the Mobility Package, the shortage of drivers in Europe has increased. This has led to a significant rise in transportation costs, and it is an ongoing trend with no clear end in sight. It has become even more crucial for A2B-online to limit these cost increases and, at the same time, adapt as a shipper to the shortages in the driver market. We closely collaborate with our customers to achieve this goal. After all, the more flexible you are, the easier it is for us to arrange your transportation and for you to have and maintain control over your transport costs.

What is the Mobility Package?

The Mobility Package is a package of European laws and regulations for the transport sector. Its aim is to align rules across EU member states, create a fairer European playing field, and improve social conditions for drivers.

The Mobility Package includes new rules on driving and rest times, cabotage, and the mandatory return of the driver and vehicle. The first regulations came into effect on August 20, 2020.

Sabrina Waterreus, Sales Manager Netherlands

"The best part of my job is the interaction with customers and colleagues, the variety in my tasks and the opportunity to build long-term collaborations with our clients"
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Our Sales Manager, Sabrina Waterreus, is a seasoned professional in the transport industry. With over 17 years of experience, she has been advising and supporting her clients diligently, and for the past 4 years at A2B-online. Sabrina is more than willing to provide guidance and assistance tailored to your specific needs.

Sales Manager Netherlands

Sabrina Waterreus

Phone: +31 (0) 6-58940330

Tailored advice?

How can we arrange transportation for you in the most efficient and effective way? Ensuring that it runs smoothly and remains competitively priced? For personalized advice and/or a quote for your trailer transport, please feel free to contact us. Our team of professionals is more than willing to brainstorm solutions with you.