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Our services and activities

How can we assist you? Are you looking for a specific service or solution? Check out the overview of our key services and activities, and follow the links for more information, advice, background, or personal contact.

Our services

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Container Services

With our 2.400 own 45ft containers, we transport your cargo from port to port and pick up, transport, and deliver your cargo from door to door.

Trailer Services

With our fleet of over 500 curtain-sided Code XL trailers and 200 tractors operated by our own drivers, we pick up, transport, and deliver your full-loads (FTL) and partloads (LTL) from door to door.


With our forwarding activities, we arrange your transport (by rail, road, sea, and/or air freight carriers) with one of our dedicated service partners, on behalf of A2B-online, if (part of) your transport falls outside our services.

Customs Services

With our customs services, we provide maximum support to relieve you of the burden. We handle your export declarations, import declarations etc. equired to ensure smooth transportation of your cargo from A to B.

Our supporting activities

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Trucking Services

A2B-online established A2B-online Transport Ltd in 2011. This entity is fully owned by A2B-online and allows us to offer a stable and reliable service to our customers for the entire transport: by using ( by now 120+) experienced drivers and our own trucks, we guarantee capacity and continuity. Started with 3 trucks in 2011, 100 trucks now operate on the Continent and 100 trucks in the UK.


Ship Management

In 2019, A2B-online started its own shipping company: A2B-online Ship Management. Our driving force: providing customers with high quality using our own vessels, ensuring a reliable departure schedule, while also reducing dependence on developments in the (charter) market. With 7 proprietary container ships and 2 container ships under construction, the shipping company is an essential component of our service provision.